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5 podcasts that changed my life- Part 1 of 5

5 Podcasts that changed my life- Part I

jedidiah jenkins podcast

Whenever we hear someone talking about a life-changing experience, we almost always associate it with something big, a grand experience- a reward from a long journey. But really, the smallest of things has the power to change your life. Most times we go about without realising the beauty we are participating in, and yet there are those special times when we just know and feel that something bigger than us is at play.

There are those times where you are acutely aware of that exact moment(s) when your thoughts are being reshaped, your belief systems are being broken down and shattered to reveal what really lies within. There is a radical shift in something deep inside you- your life is changing at that very moment. In this series, I want to share 5 times mine did- whilst listening to these podcasts and the lessons I learnt.

This is part 1 of 5.

Jedidiah Jenkins- The Adventure of Curiosity

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This episode on Sounds Good with Branden Harvey features my absolute favourite person on Instagram, Jedidiah Jenkins. I could go on and on about all the reasons why this person inspires me so much (seriously follow him on instagram and read his posts– you’re welcome in advance!) but I would be at a loss for words. In this episode, he shares why he lives his life the way he does- why he rode a bike from Oregon to Patagonia and what he found about living with intention, what does it mean to cultivate curiosity and how you can live to be a 1000 years old.

Here’s what I learnt from him.

People say life is too short. I think back to the last decade of my life and its all a blur and jumbled in a blob. When I am 80 and look back at my life, and if all of my decades are blobs of faint memories, and only characterised by some significant moments like the day I got married, the day my child was born, some achievements, a travel destination- what did I do the rest of my life? Although it sounds pretty depressing, it actually fills me with hope. It makes me realise that I don’t want life to just happen to me. I want to be aware and present and participate in the flow and wonder of the universe, and marvel at it.

Living a life of intention for me means knowing two things- who I really am and what am I here to do? Of course I did not know the answer fully at the time these questions presented themselves to me, but they put me on a path to discover more of myself and my purpose, and as I am finding out more- I allow my decisions and actions to be shaped by those intentions. That I am here to be a vehicle for joy and everyday that I am guided by this, and every day that I embody this as my truth, is a a billion years I will have lived. And there is nothing more or less I could do.

Each week, I will be adding to this series, so come back next week to read about more podcasts that changed my life. I’d love for you to listen to this episode and come back here to share if it moved you in any way. It’s over an hour long but its so worth your time. What did you learn about yourself? What did it make you feel? Leave a comment below.



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